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Global Strategy Design LLC®’s purpose is to provide global strategy consulting to management that creates value through aggressive international growth and revenue expansion.

Revenue Acceleration through

Global Growth and Expansion

Global Strategy Design LLC®’s aim is to help create value through global growth and development for North American companies ready to pursue opportunities outside of North America, or for international companies seeking to establish or further develop investments and initiatives in North America.

Global Strategy Design LLC® can provide the strategic expertise and tactical execution to achieve these goals, through the operating and consulting experience of its team.

Global Strategy Design LLC® is committed to our Client’s success.

Strategy Assessment

Internal Situation Analysis and Preliminary Identification of Opportunities

Strategy Development and the Formulation of Tactics

Detailed Assessment of International Opportunities and Priorities

a. Why Expand Globally?

Globalization is not new; rather it has become a necessary element of sustained growth. What is important is how a company is planning to participate in a process which has become increasingly important for a business to thrive and grow in a balanced, sustained and strategic manner.

Although some companies in North America derive meaningful revenues and earnings from vigorous global export programs and major direct investments, the vast majority of North American businesses derive only a less than optimal percentage of revenues and earnings from international sources, usually limited to exports. This is in stark contrast to what companies in other regions of the world are doing in global initiatives.

Further, the growth prospects for most businesses in North America will be limited, perhaps even below historical standards. With less dynamic domestic growth, companies will find it difficult to continue to increase revenues at historical rates. One solution to creating value is to make global initiatives a more meaningful portion of future planning and earnings performance. This diversification also helps to reduce the risk associated with single market strategies.

The United States remains the largest economy in the world. For companies headquartered outside of the United States, this market offers many opportunities for favorable returns on investment and a diversified global presence.

Global Strategy Design LLC’s purpose is to create value through expanding the international presence of its Clients.

b. Why Use Global Strategy Design LLC

Global Strategy Design LLC® stresses working as a team with clients to strategically develop practical, implementable plans that lead to growth and improved earnings performance.

GSD’s management is well seasoned with both line management and consulting experience.

GSD’s strengths include:
a. strategy assessment
b. strategy development and the formulation of tactics
c. support for tactical implementation

GSD’s experience spans over:
a. 45 Countries
b. 15 Key Industry Segments
c. 14 Clients and Companies
d. 4 Languages

GSD’s management has generated many millions in profitable growth for clients and prior companies.

Experience includes:
Large public companies
Divisions of conglomerates
Privately owned businesses

Your Success is our Goal!

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