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Capabilities can be described as a step-by-step approach to successful implementation . . .

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Many clients prefer this three-step approach to assure strategies are realigned to develop practical tactics and increase the likelihood of success at implementation. How much effort goes into each step depends on how much the client has already done internally. Clients with well-developed strategies may just need help in fine-tuning tactics and some support on implementation. Some clients have identified specific countries or regions and are looking for help on implementation issues.

We find many clients appreciate this opportunity to have the work customized for their particular situation.

It is Global Strategy Design LLC®’s experience that provides the ability to quickly identify appropriate courses of action.

Global Strategy Design LLC’s® practice is built around three components:

1) Strategy Assessment

Internal Situation Analysis and Preliminary Identification of Opportunities

a. Review Current Operations

i. Revenue Sources/Products, Services and Regions
ii. Profit Margins/Levels, Stability, Sustainability
iii. Key Requirements for Success
iv. Market Participants and their Strengths and Weaknesses
v. Competitive Assessment
vi. Organization and Culture
vii. Clarification of Existing International Operations

b. Clarify Strategic Significance of New or Additional Globalization and Preliminary International Assessment

i. Preliminary estimates of global demand by major trading region
ii. Likely International Opportunities
iii. Identification of Key Issues
iv. Identification of Key Risks

2) Strategy Development and the Formulation of Tactics

Detailed Assessment of International Opportunities and Priorities

a. Agree on Primary Criteria for Review for Each Region

i. Region Size and Growth
ii. Market Size and Growth
iii. Apparent Profitability
iv. Competition
v. Recent Developments
vi. Management Requirements
vii. Structural Requirements
viii. Cultural Requirements
ix. Capital Requirements

b. Risk Assessment and Clarify Step-by-Step Requirements for Market Entry including

i. Market Entry Models (Direct/Representatives/JV/Local Mfg., etc)
ii. Internal Resource Availability
iii. External Resource Requirements
iv. Ease of Entry, Timing Issues, Probability of Payoff

v. Initial Launch Plans

c. Prioritize Regions and Initiatives

d. NOTE: Existing International Operations May Be Included if Requested

3) Support for Implementation

Assist in Market Entry with

a. Identify Local Government Requirement
b. Local Introductions
c. Contacts for External Resources
d. Continuing Advisory Services
e. Possible Staffing Assistance
f. Develop Corrective Actions for Current Operations if requested
g. Project and Program Management

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